EAPC Wind Energy Teams with French Software Company Meteodyn


EAPC Wind Energy, a full service wind energy consulting firm with offices in Grand Forks, ND, Norwich, VT, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, has entered into a Sales Representation agreement with Meteodyn of Nantes, France, with North American Headquarters in Philadelphia, PA, to sell Meteodyn WT, the world's leading Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software tool for wind resource assessment in complex terrain.

As the number of wind energy projects continues to grow, the number of projects being planned in complex terrain is increasing as the less complex sites have already been developed. This creates a greater need for sophisticated tools such as Meteodyn WT to model the wind flow and accurately predict wind energy production and turbulence, where the traditional models are no longer valid.

Meteodyn WT has earned a reputation for being robust, accurate and user friendly. The software is dedicated to the wind energy industry and its development follows the trends of the market. New modules have recently been added for remote sensor correction in complex terrain, coupling with mesoscale models, and short-term wind power production forecasting.

Jay Haley, a Partner with EAPC says, "We are very pleased to be representing Meteodyn WT. We have looked at a number of CFD software packages in the last few years and have concluded that Meteodyn WT is the best available. We use it in our own consulting work and see it as complimentary to WindPRO and WAsP, the industry standard software tools that we also sell and use daily in our practice. WindPRO and WAsP are well proven in less complex terrain, and Meteodyn will fill the gap when we are working on more complicated sites with steep terrain or forested regions." Guillaume Dupont, Business Development Manager with Meteodyn America says, "CFD is becoming a world standard for wind modeling in complex terrain. With business growing in North America, we wanted to increase our representation by partnering with EAPC for their presence in North and South America, and for their extensive knowledge of the wind energy software industry."

About Meteodyn
Meteodyn's founder and CEO, Dr. Delaunay, has 30+ years of experience in wind engineering. The company specializes in numerical wind modeling and develops automatic CFD software solutions. Meteodyn's software suite is used worldwide by wind farm developers, consulting firms, wind turbine manufacturers and investors. Moreover, Meteodyn uses its expertise for consulting in wind resource assessment, micro-siting and short-term production forecasting over large wind farms projects as well as small and community wind projects.

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